WordPress For Business

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WordPress for Business

WordPress has become a dominant platform on the internet for creating powerful and highly engaging customer web sites. On top of that WordPress has become a powerful platform for improving ways how businesses manage and share information with their clients.

WordPress Benefits

WordPress as a technology platform for delivering online presence and business solutions delivers significant benefits. Some of these key benefits are as follows:

  • Modern Looking & Engaging
  • Simple To Use & Manage
  • Extensive Functionality
  • Multi User, Multi Site
  • Multi Language
  • Cost Effective
  • Mobile Enabled
  • SEO Enabled
  • No Software Coding Required
  • Extensive Integrations
  • Open Source Platform
  • Flexible Customizations 
  • Hosting Agnostic
  • Strong Security


WordPress is extremely flexible platform for delivering various online solutions for business. Below are some of the most significant WordPress use cases deployed in corporations around the world.

Main Corporate WEB SITE

WordPress is an excellent and highly flexible platform to deliver stunning corporate web sites with full media integration. Through its native mobile support your corporate online presence is accessible on all mobile devices. And with its native SEO support all key search engines recognize and serve your content to millions of potential customers. 


Many companies have a need to provide externally facing web sites for specific customer needs or for specific customer or user groups. WordPress is an excellent platform to create great looking and well serving web sites for these types of scenarios.

eCommerce/Online STORES

WordPress with its add-ons (or plugins as they are called) delivers powerful eCommerce and online store solutions. With this functionality your organisation can easily sell online any type of products or services. Payments are integrated with all major credit cards and Pay Pal. Product delivery works with most of major curriers and mail post companies. Powerful & profitable! 


Documents and files of various types could be easely shared across your organisation with the power of WordPress. Documents version control, updates, comments, tasks, workflow, it is all there. Integration with Active Directory (or any other LDAP) works too. Your corporate intranet could be implemented at the fraction of the cost compared to other solutions in the market space.

JOB Postings & Hiring PORTAL

Post your job openings, attract great talent, collect high quality resumes, review applications, follow through candidates evaluation process, hire great employees. With WordPress plugins your organisation can easily implement company’s Job postings & hiring portal within days.


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Product CATALOGS/Showcases

WordPress is a powerful tool to deliver information about your products from basic marketing overviews, video explanations to complex user manuals and technical documentation. Your customers can easily find information they are looking for and enjoy your product even more. On top of that your clients can provide great product reviews to support grow of your new sales.


Online training is a very popular and highly effective way to deliver the latest updates or special programs to your customers. Scheduling, registrations, confirmations, payments, reminders, WordPress platform supports it all.


Clients Online SUPPORT

Your customers are all day long on their smartphones. They expect that they should be able to conduct business with your company on thier toy. If they may have questions, need additional information or some support, want to clarify things, get prices and other. Hence online support and sales chat functionality is of essential importance to them and your business. WordPress platform supports it all.

Online Private or Public COMMUNITY

When you want to build the depth of the relationship with your clients and take it to the next level, you may want to implement your very own private online community. With this your clients would have their very own universe where to share information, organize events, chat, build connections and more. With WordPress this is easily doable.



Wiki web sites are great way to share valuable information with existing and potential customers as well as your own employees. WordPress Wiki knowledge base web sites could be built in matter of days. The WordPress technology is there for you to leverage from it.

OTHER Use Cases

Beside the above business use cases, WordPress supports other applications such as online business directories, events management, memberships management, reservation/appointments/bookings management and other. If you can imagine it, WordPress can do it.


Integration of your web site(s) with key social media portals is something which has become a must have feature. WordPress easily supports this as part of platfrom’s add-on offerings.


CUSTOM Developed Solutions

If your needs go beyond of what is readily available on WordPress platform, that is totally OK. Our team of experts can build your very own custom developed solution. Sky is the limit!

Fully HOSTED & MANAGED WordPress

Our team provides fully hosted and managed WordPress solutions. You can focus on your core business while we take care of your WordPress web sites and related business applications. Together with Group 4 Networks and Microsoft Azure we deliver tier 1 quality data centers hosting and complete managed services.