Government of Ontario introduced a law by which condominium corporations have to implement electronic communication with condominium owners. This is to ensure that all relevant and important information related to condominimum operations is shared on time and completely.

Information such as regular financial statements, any ongoing changes in budgets and spending, changes in board structure, notices about annual meetings, other regular types of notices, any legal issues, any emergencies and other.

We at Brand Studio worked with selected condo corporations to create a simple yet effective and affordable solution to respond to this law requirement.

Key Features 

We have created condo corporation online solution which will allow you to do the following:

  • setup your condo corporation web site with a week or so
  • post the latest information related to condo affairs on this web site
  • send this information via email to condo owners and/or condo tenants
  • post all important condo documents to this web site so that owners can download and view this at any time
  • post all important information about condo maintenance, repairs and other instructions on this site
  • allow condo tenants to book amenities online on this web site
  • this solution is fully mobile enabled, tenants and condo owners can access the content on their mobile phones and/or tablets

Key Benefits 

Key benefits of Condo Electronic Communication Online Solution are as follows:

  • Quickly and easily respond to government law requirement
  • Implemented this solution with 1-2 weeks
  • This solution is affordable
  • Provide better services to your tenants and condo owners
  • You use the solution, we make sure it works

Check the example of condo corporation electronic communication online solution here: