Union Communication & Members Engagement

Effective Digital Communication for Your Union! 

Inform, Engage & Empower Your Union Members

Digital Communication For Your Union

We All Are Witnesses How Digital Communications Changed And Improved Our Lives. Now Is The Time For Unions To Adopt Digital Communication To Inform, Engage and Empower Its Members. 


Inform Members

Having Your Union Members
Informed About The Latest News Is Simple & Easy With Our Digital Communication

Engage Members

Provide Your Members With The Right Information And Valuable Resources To Engage Them In The Life Of Your Union Local.

Empower Members

Enable Your Members To Voice Their Opinions And Needs. Enable Them To Become Active Participants In The Life Of Your Local.

Managed For You

When It Comes To Implementing Digital Communication For Your Union Local We Do It All For You. Simple and Easy. 

Portfolio of Digital Communication Services

Brand Studio’s Portfolio of Digital Communication Solutions & Services is available to your union. Our portfolio consists of the following offerings:

Digital Communcation & Engagement Plan

A well tough out digital communication plan can significantly increase participation of your members in the life of your union. From well structured website, social media presence, email communication to reach media content.

Brand Studio will work closely with your board to develop a highly effective digital communication plan for your union local.

Website Setup & Management 

Union website is the face of your union. It tells the story of who you are and what you do. It keeps your members informed and engaged in the most important union activities.

Brand Studio Website Services will design & setup your own union website which meets your specific needs. If you may need to upgrade your existing website, we will be there for you as well. We make this seamless and easy.

Email Communication

Email is a powerful tool to keep members informed about the latest happenings in your union. With few email clicks all of your members within minutes will have the latest news and updates from your union.

With Brand Studio Email Communication Services we make this really simple and easy for your union. We organize your member email lists, arrange the information and graphics, send messages, track open rates and follow up on all responses. It simply works.

Social Media Communication

We all know the power of social media. Your union members are for sure on it. Sharing the most important news and updates from your union on social media is quite important.

Brand Studio Social Medial Communication Services ensures that your information is posted and managed in a timely manner on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other network of your interest. We make your union social media presence a simple task.

Online Training/Development/Orientation

Online training, professional development and orientation on various work related subjects (health & safety, grievances, harrassments and other) is of significant importance for your union members.  

Brand Studio works with your union to deliver online training for your members in defferent formats and layouts. We do it all for you, from managing online training platform to training digital content production.  

Free Assessment

Contact Us To Arrange A Free Assessment Of Your Union Needs For Digital Communication!

Receive A Free High Digital Communication Plan Customized To Your Union Needs!

Digital Content Creation

Keeping your website and social media content current, relevant and of value is of most significant importance for successfully engaging your union members.

Brand Studio makes this easy. With our Content Management Services we do content creation, content review, content posting, content engagement tracking and content purging. Anything from news creation, writing articles, writing reports, video production, podcasts, creating customer graphics and other.

Members Engagement

Brand Studio team will proactively monitor and respond to your member requests, inquiries, inputs, needs and wants. Through active communication with them we will engage the members into the life of your union local.  

Offline Communication 

We understand that some of the content that we will produce for your union will have to be distributed in traditional ways via hard copy documents. For this we will work and coordinate activities with your current printing house and distribution company.