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  Web Sites & Digital Marketing Solutions for Contractors

Earning customer’s trust is one of the key factors for winning new contractor projects. Professional & modern looking web sites and social media presence solutions communicate to new and existing customers credibility and quality of your business. 



Some of the very key benefits delivered by professional Digital Presence solutions are as follows: 

  • uncover new potential customers 
  • get new business and new projects 
  • communicate your business’ strong credibility 
  • earn new customers’ trust 
  • engage deeper with your customers to earn repeat business 
  • establish ongoing communication with your clients 

We at Brand Studio have prepared a demo site with the following major components your web site should have:


  • engaging home page
  • services pages
  • customer ‘call for action’ 
  • appointment requests
  • sales quote request
  • customer reviews and testimonials 
  • photo gallery of completed projects
  • Frequently Asked Questions 
  • ‘how to’ articles
  • company profile  
  • social media share 


To see a demo web site of contractor business please click on this picture or the button below.

Digital Business PLANNING

Having a clear vision of how your new web site and online presence will look like and what kind of online optiona you will be providing is of essential importance. Through the strategic planning we will define your business goals & objectives for online business and presence. We create modern ‘look and feel’ of your new web site and online presence, and develop seamless implementation plan.


Today people are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn … everywhere online. For any contractor it is important that you are where your customers are. We at Brand Studio help you carefully draft your online presence strategy and related identity. 

COMPLETE Digital Presence

Our team delivers complete online solution and services from design, implementation, training, ongoing maintenance, support to fully outsourced solutions. You maintain your focus on your business, while we take care of the technology.

Full MOBILE Support

We are witnesses that everything has gone mobile. We hold smartphone in our hands all the time. We pay our bills with it, we check the weather, we are on social media and why not … we want to be connected with our contractors too. Our online solutions support variety of mobile devices.

YOUR Company Profile

These days customers before they decide to buy anything from anyone want to learn as much as possible about a company they are considering to get involved with. It is given that your web site should have a comprehensive overview of your business, your success, quality of work and services you provide as well as testimonals from your existing customers. 


Your contractor services are at the heart of your business. Presenting the entire portfolio of your services is the very first step. Further, each of your services should have its own detailed presentation. When customers know what you can do for them, they like to invite you to do more for them. 


Try our assessment services to get clear definition of your needs for Digital Marketing solutions.

Get preliminary design with related estimates for implementation time, required investments and expected ROI.


We all live busy lives. And it would be great if your customers can book appointments with you right from their mobile phones, while they have some idle time or having a break. When you approve their appointment requests, those customers will get email notifications and everybody will be in sync.

NEW CUSTOMER Registrations

Every business needs new customers. When people see your modern looking web site, review information about your business, about your services, check appraisals from other clients, they would want to become your customers. Right there from your web site they can register, submit their data and request new appointment to be scheduled with you. It works.


More and more online reviews play significant role in every business, including construction & renovation businesses. Allow your clients to tell you what they think about your services right on your web site. Be proactive in having them provide you with their highest appraisals.


Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

Every business has certain set of questions which majority of customers ask very often. Providing answers to these most commonly asked questions on your web site can actually help you earn new business. Implementing this feature on your new web site is part of our standard offering. 


Construction and renovation companies may want to provide their clients with an option to make services fee payments online via credit cards. In this easy and convenient way funds can be instantelly collected and processed. 


Customers' EDUCATION

Providing customers with valuable information about conducting constuction and renovation projects is one of the best way to earn clients’ trust and new business. Implementation of company blog is part of our standard offering. 


Customer SURVEYS

At times you may want to get input from your customers regarding services provided or their needs. Through the web site we can easily create different questionnaires and distribute them to the clients to get their responses. Information you would get could be truly precious for your business.

EMAIL Marketing

Ongoing communication potential and existing customers is of significant importance. Through regular newsletter program we would be communicating valuable information with your clients and prospects. And in this way generating new business for your company. 


Local SEARCH Engines

We all know the power of search engines in helping new customers find your business on the internet. Our team optimizes your web sites to be recognized and ranked by major search engines for your local business areas.


Integration of your web site with key social media portals is something which has become a must have feature. We do it as part of our standard offering.

SOCIAL Media Presence

We all know the power of social media. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and other portals. Our team makes your social presence management easy and highly effective.


Security, data protection and privacy are one of the main concerns for every business. As part of every new web site installation we configure essential security features.


Once your web site is up and running we want to make sure that this site operates at its best performance. Our systems monitor your web site’s availability, performance and responsiveness.


CUSTOM Developed Solutions

If your needs go beyond of what is readily available on our platform, that is totally OK. Our team of experts can build your very own custom developed solution. Sky is the limit!