Healthcare Digital Marketing

Modern Web Sites for Doctors & Health Professionals Are The Very Key Vehicle for Improving Patients Care & Services.

Your Success Is Our Success!

  Digital Business Solutions for Health Professionals

Today’s technology has opened up new ways how doctors and healthcare professionals can be more effectivelly serving their patients. We at Brand studio specialize in delivering online presence solutions for healthcare professionals. Below is a list of benefits and possiblities that can be part of your digital clinic solution.



Your clinic’s digital presence plays very important role in the success of your practice operations. When your digital presence is implemented properly your practice would enjoy the following benefits:

  • consistent inflow of new patients
  • better services to your patients 
  • patients comprehensive medical care
  • maximized patients satisfaction
  • community recognition for the quality of your services
  • higher efficiencies of your clinic operations

Here we have prepare a demo site with major components your clinic’s web site should have. That content is as follows:

  • engaging home page
  • doctor profiles
  • service overviews
  • appointment requests
  • new patient registration
  • frequently asked questions
  • medical forms download
  • medical events
  • patient reviews
  • petients education
  • patient online payments
  • medical online store


To see live demo of a health clinic web site please click on this picture or the button below.

Digital Clinic PLANNING

Having a clear vision of how your new web site will look like and what kind of digital services you will be providing is of essential importance. Through the strategic planning we will define your goals & objectives, create ‘look and feel’ of your new web site and develop seamless implementation plan.

Your Practice Digital IDENTITY

Today people are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn … everywhere online. For any healthcare professional it is important that you and your clinic are with your patients too. We at Brand Studio help you carefully draft your online presence strategy, identity and implementation plan.

Complete Digital PRESENCE

Our team delivers complete online solution and services from design, implementation, training, ongoing maintenance, support to fully outsourced solutions. You maintain your focus on your practice, while we take care of the technology.

Full MOBILE Support

We are witnesses that everything has gone mobile. We hold smartphone in our hands all the time. We pay our bills with it, we check the weather, we are on social media and why not … we want to be with our doctors online too. Our online web solutions easily support variety of mobile devices.

YOUR Medical Online Profile

Patients before they visit a new doctor, or a new health professional, want to learn as much as possible about a person who will provide care for them. It is given that your web site should have a comprehensive overview of your education, career and experience.


Medical services are at the heart of your health practice and clinic. Presenting the entire portfolio of your health services is the very first step. Further, each medical service should have its own presentation and outline. When patients know what you can do for them, they tend to leverage majority of those services.


Try our assessment services to get clear definition of your needs for Digital Marketing solutions.

Get preliminary design with related estimates for implementation time, required investments and expected ROI.


We all live busy lives. And it would be great if your patients can book appointments with you right from their mobile phones, while waiting or having a break. When you approve appointment request, patient gets email notification and everybody is in sync.

NEW PATIENTS Registration

Every health practice needs new patients. When people see your modern web site, review information about your doctors, about your services, check appraisals from other patients, they would want to become your patients. Right there from your web site they can register, submit their data and request new appointment to be scheduled. It works.


FORMS & Documents

Every health practice has its own set of forms and documents which patients may need or require. All of these documents can be easily downloaded from your web site, patients can print them and fill the data before they visit you.


More and more online reviews play significant role in every business, including health care. Allow your patients to tell you what they think about your service righr on your web site. Be proactive in having them provide you with their highest appraisals.


Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

Every health practice has questions which their patients ask most often. It is quite effective to have these questions and related answers posted on your web site. People do read these, do find them to be very useful, and this does help your practice be more productive.

Medical STORE

Many health practices have introduced additional medical products to their patients. With online store you allow your patients to purchase these products over the internet. More convenient and easier to handle.

Patient Online PAYMENTS

Some health services may not be covered by the government or person’s health insurance. For those types of services patients can make their payments online through your web site. Convenient and simple.



Health education is very important for our patients. When they understand causes of illnesses, prevention methods, life style changes, it is much easier for us health professionals to truly help them. That is why our web site should be rich with the educational content for patients.

Medical EVENTS

From time to time our clinic may organise various types of health presentations and events. Or we may be participating in the events of other teaching institutions or hospitals. Informing, inviting and registering colleagues and patients for these events can be easily done through our web site.



At times we may require to get input from our patients regarding various medical subjects. Through the web site we can easily create different questionnaires and distribute them to our patients for their responses. Information we would get could be truly precious.

EMAIL Communication

Ongoing communication with patients is of significant importance. Through regular clinic’s newsletter program we would be communicating valuable health information.  Patients would be caring more about their health and they would be leveraging our medical services wider.



Health practitioners could be serving different communities in their own native languages. Content on your web site can be organized transparently in many different languages, you decide.


SEARCH Engines

We all know the power of search engines in helping people find your health practice on the internet. Our team optimizes your web sites to be recognized and ranked by major search engines.


Integration of your web site with key social media portals is something which has become a must have feature. We do it as part of our standard offering.

SOCIAL Media Presence

We all know the power of social media. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and other portals. Our team makes your social presence management easy and highly effective.


Security, data protection and privacy are one of the main concerns for every health practice. As part of every new web site installation we configure essential security features.


Once your web site is up and running we want to make sure that this site operates at its best performance. Our systems monitor your web site’s availability, performance and responsiveness.


CUSTOM Developed Solutions

If your needs go beyond of what is readily available on our platform, that is totally OK. Our team of experts can build your very own custom developed solution. Sky is the limit!