Frustration & Poor Results

In today’s business every company is looking at how to do online marketing. As there are many options (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, SEO, AdWords, …. ) it is very easy to get lost. And very quickly we can get frustrated with poor results compared to the amount of money and effort invested in online marketing. Key question becomes how to do this successfully and effectively?

Online Marketing & Online Business

Our experience teaches us that this question is not just about online marketing. Online marketing is part of a much bigger framework. Online marketing is an extension of online business. Online business is all about how to better serve customers using internet as a medium. Sell products, support customers, handle complaints, introduce innovation and other, all over the internet.

Good Old Business Fundamentals

And the most important, online business is an extension of good old business fundamentals. Good old business fundamentals say, have a great product, deliver great value to your clients, take sincere care of your customers, keep innovating and keep bringing new products to the market, build lifelong relationships with your clients. Simple.

Formula Surfaces On Its Own

Now when we start from these business fundamentals and bring them down to online business and then to online marketing things start to make much more sense. And the formula for doing online marketing surfaces on its own.

Online marketing should be all about serving our clients better, wiser and with more value delivered to them. As we start building online relationships with our clients, our businesses will be doing so much better.

Now when you look at defining your online marketing strategy and execution plan, think only about best ways to better serve you clients and provide more value using internet as a medium.

When you use this as your main premise things will become obvious and good results will follow.