SERVICES Portfolio

Brand Studio services portfolio is designed in such a way to provide our clients with maximum flexibility and highest possible value return on their investments.

Services Portfolio

Our ultimate objective is to create and implement highly effective online business & online presence solutions for our clients.

Solutions which engage our clients customers and deliver true value to their business

Our services portfolio is as follows:


Main objective of our No Cost Assessment services is to assist our clients in evaluating the best solutions for their online business and online presence needs. Based on our industry experience your business would gain valuable insights into available options, related investment requirements and potential ROI.

Solution DESIGN

Solution Design services are focused on providing the best possible options for our client particular needs. Through this service customer requirements are thoroughly evaluated, finalized and documented. From there our team prepares and presents possible solutions and design options.


To esnure that what we have designed in actually what our client really needs, and that visual presentation of newly designed solution meets our clients expectations and criteria, we provide Solution Prototyping service. With Solution Prototyping all unknowns are eliminated. 


Upon completion and acceptance of a new solution design, our team will create detailed project implementation plan with key milestones and related deliverables. Our project manager will coordinate the implementation with all related activities. He will ensure successful, quality, on time and on budget project completion.


An integral part of every project implementation is customer training. It is of essential importance that our customer key employees, assigned to manage a new solution, are fully trained and enabled. When the key employees are fully comfortablewith new solution(s), their organisation enjoys the biggest benefits.


Ongoing support is yet another key success factor. We at Brand Studio fully understand this. Our team is always available, on a regular basis or ad hoc, to be there when we are needed. Making sure that newly implemented solution works well is a paramount for us.

MANAGED Solutions

When our clients want to stay focused on their core business, they typically outsource new online business  and online presence solution management and maintenance to us.

Customer provides us with their business goals and objectives for the new solution, we create outsourced services plan, and from that point everything works seamlessly.