Good plan is half of the job already done!

Main focus of our assessment services is just this, to clearly understand your needs and provide you with preliminary design and available options.

All at no cost, no strings attached.

No Cost Assessment

Creating new web site, digital business or online presence is a demanding job. Especially if you want to have a modern looking and highly effective web site. Its production can require fair amount of time and investments.

Before you engage into project like this, it is quite important to have full understanding of your true business needs, solution requirements and the overall implementation framework. 

This is why we at Brand Studio offer our potential customers and existing clients  free assessment services.


Main benefits of the No Cost ASSESSMENT services are as follows:

  • Gather, review and finalize your requirements
  • Provide suggestions related to the new solution based on our industry experience
  • Provide an outline of the new solution design and related options
  • Provide a mock-up of the home page for the new solution
  • Provide timelines, resource requirements and related cost estimates for the implementation of your new solution
  • There is no cost associated with performing the assessment (no strings attached)

Assessment SCOPE

As we work on the No Cost ASSESSMENT our team will evaluate:

  • Your business objectives for the new web site or online presence
  • Preferred new web site ‘look and feel’
  • Content structure (sections and pages you would like to have on the new site)
  • Customer engagement features
  • Other functionalities to be part of the new solution
  • Requirements for the new solution ongoing content management
  • Requirements for the new solution business results management
  • Requirements for the new solution technical performance management
  • Implementation time frame
  • Resource requirements for the implementation
  • Ongoing support requirements


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Brand Studio keeps your data private and does not share submitted information in any form.