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ASSOCIATIONS Online Solution Offerings

With today’s technology it is quite remerkable what kind of relationships could be built with association members, sponsors and other participants.

Technology Is Great Enabler!

Association web site is so much more then just static pages!

Association web site is a central hub for nurturing close, personal and highly productive relationships with association members.

Portfolio of technology solutions that is available to achieve this impressive.

Below is a list of online solutions which could be part of your association’s online strategy and business.

Key Organisational Benefits

  • Membership Renewal Rate Increase 39% 39%
  • Increase in Association Events Participation 45% 45%
  • New Members Acquisition Increase 25% 25%
  • Growth in Members Satisfaction (Easy of Dealing With Assciation ) 45% 45%
  • Increase in Members Overall Satisfaction with Asscoation 39% 39%

Online Business PLANNING

Having a clear vision of your association’s online business strategy is half of the job already done. Through the strategic planning we define your goals & objectives as well as develop seamless implementation plan.

Association Online BRAND Identity

Brand is what members recognize and fall in love with. We make sure that your association’s brand is effectively positioned & communicated throughout your online presence.

COMPREHENSIVE Online Solutions

Our team delivers comeplete web site, online business and on line presence solutions whatever your association requirements may be. One provider to work with, one provider to partner up with.


At the very heart of every association is its membership management. Implementing various levels of memberships, associated privileges, obtaining payments and renewals, providing benefits and other. Implementation of an effective membership management program is the most important thing for every association.

Online STORE

Every association needs to process membership payments, renewals, selling of different good and marchandise, payments for different events and other. Online store is the very key vehicle which allows seamless and easy processing of all sales transactions via electronic payments.

Association EVENTS

Every association holds various types of events throughout year. Events schedule, free or paid events, registrations, confirmations, reminders, cancelations, the technology platform supports it all.

Association FORUMS

At times an association may need to engage its members to collectively collaborate on various ideas and operational improvement initiatives. This is where online forums bring everybody together in an easy and highly effective way.



Very often an association may need to get opinion and feedback from its members. This is where online surveys come into play. Running these surveys directly from your web site and connecting member responses to their profiles is valuable information to association staff and management.


CONTENT Subscriptions

Many associations provide its members with various types of content. The technology allows us to easily implement content delivery solution based on different free or paid membership levels. In this way associations could significantly enhance quality of their services provided to the members.

Free ASSESSMENT & Preliminary DESIGN

As part of our commitment to your business Brand Studio provides Free ASSESSMENT & Preliminary DESIGN of online business solution for your association. This document will clearly define your requirements and specify available design options.

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Online training is a very popular and highly effective way to deliver the latest updates or special programs to association members. Scheduling, registrations, confirmations, payments, reminders, the technology platform supports it all.


For some associations scheduling of regular and/or ad hoc appointments between association members and individual staff is integral part of the business. With the technology this is easily enabled on the association’s web site while members can also access it from their mobile devices.



Associations often offer to its members to be listed in association directory. In this way association members gain visibility and credibility. With the technology, implementation of online directory is simple and seamless.

EMAIL Communication

Email communication is extremely important for every association. Integration of email with membership management system is of significant importance. Organizing members in various groups and corresponding email distribution lists with ability to monitor email reach and response success.



Promotional (landing) pages are one of the best ways to engage people to become new members of an association. Our team will create highly effective and impact full promotional (landing) pages for your association memberships, related services and offerings.


Association web site is a powerful tool to promote various offerings, from events, special programs, various merchandise, promotional items. membership discounts and other. Banners and ads are easily implementable throughout the entire association web site.


Online Members SUPPORT

Associations invest fair amount of time and effort to provide quality support services for their members. One of the great ways to further enhance members support services is via online chat functionality. With few clicks members easily get information and service they need.


Association BLOG

Blogging has been around for quite some time and it is great way to share valuable information with the community, association members and to the wider audience. Comprehensive and highly effective association blog could be built in matter of days, the technology is there for us to use it.



Documents, white papers, specifications, forms, instructions, regulations, contracts, templates, presentations, podcasts, videos, all these resources could be easily shared with association members with the help of the technology right from your web site.

Association GALLERIES

Picture is worth thousand words, we all know that. Providing photos from different types of events and member gatherings is something every association does, and every member loves to see. With the technology this is quite easy to feed and post the latest cool images on your web site.

Association Online COMMUNITY

When you want to build the depth of the relationship with association members and take it to the next level, you may want to implement your very own private online community. With this your members would have their very own universe where to share information, organize events, chat, build connections and more.


SEARCH Engines

We all know the power of search engines in generating new sales and new customers. Our team optimizes your web sites to be recognized and ranked by major search engines.


Integration of your web site with key social media portals is something which has become a must have feature. We do it as part of our standard offering.

SOCIAL Media Presence

We all know the power of social media. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and other portals. Our team makes your social presence management easy and highly effective.


Technology security is one of the main concerns for every business. As part of every new web site installation we configure essential security features.


Once your web site is up and running we want to make sure that this site operates at its best performance. Our systems monitor your web site’s availability, performance and responsiveness.


Web site backup and restore features are essential for every implementation. In case of any operational issues or disasters archieved backups are available for quick and safe restore.


Having full visibility into your online marketing efforts is of essential importance to the business. Our team implements Google Analytics integration as part of our standard offering.


CUSTOM Developed Solutions

If your needs go beyond of what is readily available on WordPress platform, that is totally OK. Our team of experts can build your very own custom developed solution. Sky is the limit!

Free ASSESSMENT & Preliminary DESIGN

As part of our commitment to your business Brand Studio provides Free ASSESSMENT & Preliminary DESIGN of online business solution for your association. This document will clearly define your requirements and specify available design options.

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